Manston Airport

Manston Airport
Manston airport is a brilliant if sometimes overlooked asset to Kent. Providing a viable, current, alternative for the air needs of the country's capital.

Manston Airport

Manston Airport is single runway airport located at Manston in the UK District of Thanet (Kent). Manson airport is located 11 NM (20 km; 13 mi) north-east of Canterbury.

Manston, a formerly RAF base, has a single runway that is 2,748 m (9,016 ft) long. This enables Manston to service large and historic aircraft that are not able to user the shorter runways featured at many of the countries airports.

Manston is located roughly 1-mile (1.6 km) from the coast at 178 ft (54 m) above sea level. It is within easy transport distance of Ramsgate Train Station (less than five minutes by road), the port of dover and Canturbury.

Manston could play a valuable role in meeting local demand and could contribute to regional economic development. --The Future of Air Transport White Paper, (Dec 2003), paragraph 11.99

Manston Airport Location

EGMH is located in Kent

Airport Data

Elevation AMSL: 178 ft / 54 m
Coordinates: 51°20′32″N 001°20′46″E

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